This is the Glade Trade Ltd subsidiary that creates financial opportunities and funding for business owners.
Glade Trade Ltd Loans offers quick business loans for individual and commercial funding for small-scale and large existing businesses. Our loan service is aimed at reviving and solving business needs with bankable collateral (landed property, houses/building structure, Vehicles.)The minimum tenor for a facility is 1 month, accompanies by a fixed monthly interest rate. At the expiration of the agreed period, the debtor repays the loaned sum and retrieves the collateral.

Why Glade Trade Ltd Loans? Whatever personal needs you may have always remember that Glade Trade Ltd Loans offers top-notch and speedy delivery for your financial needs. Reach out to us today for guidance or walk into any of our branches let’s plug solutions to your financial needs.

How it works

STEP ONE    >> Apply


Choose your loan amount & tenure then share some information about yourself by filling out the form.

STEP TWO    >> Verification


Verify the information that you’ve provided

STEP THREE    >> Receive Loan

Receive Loan

Get money in your wallet account within 72 hours if your loan is approved

Focus On The Things That Matter To You

Apply for a convenient loan to meet needs like growing your small business, renovating your home, buying a new car, paying rent, school fees, medical bills, etc.