Glade Trade Construction is an arm of Glade Trade Limited responsible for making quality structures available to the average man; aside being a global brand, Glade Trade Construction meets the needs of the average man. With professional hands and standard materials, we have erected structures that beat the test of time.

Have been in business for over a decade, we have created nothing short of excellence and on-time delivery. We hope to achieve this to help us interpret the desires of our clients structurally.

One of the key advantages of trusting Glade Trade Construction is the possibility of owning well-built structures at an affordable rate with an easy payment strategy that allows payment in installments helping us work step by step with clients using their budgeted sum.

For clients who reach Glade Trade Construction for a building contract, we provide them with not just quality services but a wide range of structural designs that suites the taste of our various clients. Once provision is made available for the building designs, the total contract sum is issued by the group’s surveyor. Upon agreement, a legal document is enacted binding both parties and Glade Trade Construction executes the building project from start to finish and with both parties signing a certification of completion once completed.

A six months post-maintenance service is offered to clients after the completion of the building contract.

Creating and retaining a good customer-client relationship is the pillar of our services.